A Smart Agency in Barcelona

We help and advise you in any procedure at public bodies. We have more than 40 years of experience and we use the latest technologies, so we will make your procedures simple and fast.



A department dedicated to companies and freelancers

You will have the support of specialists and digital tools, which will further facilitate your administrative management, so that you only have to take care of the growth of your business activity.

We are experts in tax and labor advice for entrepreneurs and professionals: freelance registration, procedures at Social Security, registration and dissolution of companies, tax submission (VAT, Tax Return, Corporate Tax, IAE…), contracts, payroll, etc.

All your procedures and documents on your cellphone


From our App you can issue invoices to your clients and send them with a single click.


Forget paperwork and waste of time. With a picture from your mobile you can send us the invoices issued and monthly expenses for the quarterly tax submissions.


Además, todos los documentos y gestiones que hayamos realizado en el despacho estarán disponibles en la aplicación.

Traffic, transport and vehicle management

Did you know that our company began as an exclusively traffic management company? For more than four decades we have provided advise and assisted many people in transport, vehicle and traffic management.

Among the services most requested by our clients are: DGT: drivers (exchanges, international, ...) and vehicles (license plates, transfers, unregistrations, reports, duplicates, plates, etc.) / Authorizations and Procedures for Transport and Agronomy (ROMA) . / ITV (import and export of classic and historical vehicles). / Records, charges cancellation, third parties.

In addition, we are specialists in servicing official car dealerships and assiting them in the sale of vehicles.

Agile and fast management

We have been in a deep digitalization process for two years, providing technological tools and immediate solutions for all procedures to our clients. Thanks to that, COVID-19 has not prevented us from continuing to do our job quickly and efficiently.


We process your residence and work permits in Spain

Our team in the immigration area will offer you a totally customized experience and treatment. From the beginning, we will analyze your case in order to find the solution that best suits your case.

Among the most frequent procedures: Residence and work authorizations, Nationality, Visas, Residence for Sephardim, Defacto partner, Family reunification, residence of EU citizens, student visas, highly qualified personnel.

We also take care of getting appointments at the immigration and police station saving you long waits!

Solutions for "Recruiters" and highly qualified personnel

When we talk about importing talent, both in startups and large companies, the HR department faces a series of steps that, normally, are not part of the process of recruiting a new employee, but rather are part of the so-called “relocation” process.

These steps, no matter how common they are in daily life, can be an immense workload for companies and even define the length of stay of an “imported” employee. For this reason, we created our smart platform Smmart VISA that systematizes all these procedures, saving time for Recruiters and workers.


Procedures and legal advice for individuals

As an agency, our range of services is very wide. Do not hesitate to contact us for any legal advice and management such as: income statements, notarial deeds and procedures, corporate and donation tax, cancellations and registration procedures, legalization of documents and apostilles, request and issuance of certificates, instances, resources, sanctions, etc.

Languages ​​in which we can help you

  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

Do you have doubts? Read the frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most recurrent questions from our clients about immigration, traffic, vehicles, freelancers, companies, labor and the internal functioning of our agency.